About Us


Welcome To Live Wedding.TV!

Your wedding is a huge part of your amazing, lifelong adventure as a couple and we can live stream to the world those precious moments.  The newest trend in the wedding industry is internet Live Broadcasts of your finest possible remembrance of your wedding to the world.  It has become very common that, many of our family members are unable to attend some important functions in the family. In this era of globalization, people have settled in different places far away from each other. And the wedding-couples whom we have met felt unhappy that some of their close friends and well-wishers could not make it to the wedding. And it is also not very uncommon for the bride and the bridegroom to edit the long list of their work colleagues for the final invitation.

Live Wedding  Broadcast Package:

  • We provide you with affordable professional videographer onsite, with our own internet connection, and video, audio and streaming equipment
  • Multi-Camera Coverage Available
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry &Tablet compatible
  • Custom event broadcast page
  • Live viewer comments
  • Recorded Feed Available in 48 hours on the website for a year.

Live Wedding.TV Streaming on Facebook

A Facebook page will be created for the couple and wedding will be streamed on it so that friends can see the event LIVE ON FACEBOOK, comment of the proceedings and share the joy of wedding. You can invite friends to page and all those who are invited alone can see your wedding live avoiding any other stranger to view the wedding live.

Worry no more about your loved ones not being able to attend your wedding. We capture the special moments at any location, which will be broadcast for the benefit of your friends and family.  We intend to solve simple problems concerning human emotions through technology.